by Yellow King

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All songs written by Yellow King
Lyrics by Shane Kolosine


released September 16, 2015

Recorded at Precocious Studio by Pablo Cabrera
Mastered at AudioSiege by Brad Boatright

Album artwork by Mary Menchel
Additional art by Elliot Downs


all rights reserved



Yellow King Harrisonburg, Virginia

Shane Kolosine-Vocals
Austin Scarbel-Guitar
Peter Mulcahy-Drums
Eric Taylor-Bass

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Track Name: Offering
Talon in fog
Thirsting crescent
I offer the night
What you took
What it wants
What you have

Black owl it flies
It demands
takes away
Owl it sings

Shadow cross the door
Glinting beneath

An invisible hand
On every throat

Track Name: Inheritance
Borne of earth
Sickened black breath
Congealed thru
Earthen arteries

Blackened earth
Finite breath
Darkest hole
Hateful dust
Your inheritance

All you'll be
The mountain
The cancer
The graves

Consume it
Consumes you
Track Name: Awakening
Never forget
Even smoke casts shadows
Dead fires leave ghosts

Death it can die,
Death it dies

Another time
Another place

Once said, "Only the gods that were can tell, and thru strange aeons even death it may die."
Track Name: Compelled
If you thought it, you've done it
If you saw it, it's seen

Fulfillment, a beckoning call muted by sea
It insists
It pries
You are his
You always were

If it was, it is
If it is, it was
If it will, it has
If it has, it won't
If it was, it shall

If it is, it will be
Track Name: Sundered
It needs no name
It reaches in
It hates
Hungers and tears self asunder

It molds
It shapes
You will be a living work shaped from beyond

As above,
So below

Only urge
Only hunger
Only hate
Only hunger
Track Name: Ouroboric
The hound and its master
Always in chase
Circling, circling
Terror braying
Circling, circling

No man see the dark
No man see the dark
Cannot break what cannot be
No man see the sun

The serpent always finds its tail

Cannot break
What cannot be
Track Name: Wane
Outer visions torn from sleep:
Mice pick clean bones of owls
Summer into winter
Dust and back again

Thought wanes
Shadows of shades

Of suffering
Lives wasted in offering

Nothing is always nothing

Always wanting
Always nothing
Always watching
Always nothing
Track Name: Communion
Ever inward
Ever downward
Scrying eyes

Divinity is tangible
If only you knew what rested in the blood

No one know
How it feel
But the wolf in winter
Howling in the glow

I never ran
Howling in the red
As the wolf in winter
I never ran
I never ran
Track Name: Tenebrae
I have been blinded
A crown of ice and throne of flame
Never mine
promised in whispers
Of the outer dark
singing of the void

A well of heat and light
A gulf tenebrous
Twin prisms in diametric opposition

A shattered moon
A dead god
A dying world
A bleak sun
Everything leaves a shade

This world will freeze
This world will freeze
I'll watch this world freeze
(watch myself freeze)
I'll watch it freeze and slow
(wash myself clean)

Watch it freeze
(wash it clean)
Watch it freeze
(wash it clean)

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